Sometimes when publishing for the first time to  a web server that is using Frontpage extensions, your shared borders and Navigation bars don't appear on the live web server.

Here are some things to try and get the borders & navigation bars back without having to create them live on the server.
1) In Frontpage, click on Tools then Web Settings then Advanced. Enable the "show hidden files * folders" option.
2)  In Frontpage, click on Tools, then "Recalculate Hyperlinks".  As a matter of fact it is a good practice to do this before you publish to the live server, on a regular basis.
3) Publish again the entire web site to the live server. Select the options button and ensure that you have selected "all pages"
If the above three suggestions prove to not work, then  you might try opening the live web on the server and doing an import of the _borders folder that is showing on your disk based web.  The import function is accessible from the file dropdown menu item within frontpage.
In any case, we do not recommend using FTP to upload the missing folders. There are known issues with using FTP for this procedure.
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