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SSL is the standard for web based transactions


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Server Lockdown

Chinook Webs uses purpose-built servers for Ecommerce. We limit the number of sites on a server and each site will be an ecommerce site. During configuration of our ecommerce servers, we follow an extensive best-practices checklist which is continually updated as new server security information becomes available. In addition to these lockdown procedures, each server is fire walled and placed on a regular back-up schedule.
Store Security

Nobody can guarantee 100% security or guarantee against a breach. Ecommerce Solutions that Chinook Webs supports have been designed with security features in mind (best practices). Our ecommerce applications come with extensive instructions on maintianing security, and web hosts are certified through a security review. These applications also maintain a regular patch program to ensure security as new vulnerabilities are developed.


SSL stands for secure socket layers. It enables transmission between the client and the server in an encrypted mode. This ensures privacy and acknowledgement of identity (on the merchant's side) during transmission. Invalid or expired SSL certificates will warn the visiting browser with a pop up screen warning of a problem with the site.


Potential customers are more likely to provide information (credit cards etc) if they feel confident that personal information is secure and not being re-used for other means. People do read the Privacy policies on our site

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