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Site Analysis  

At our clients request we will prepare a site analysis with specific recommendations towards enhancing their position in the search engines (a major source of traffic).

Marketing Intelligence News  
Chinook Webs keeps our clients in the know with updates to Web Promotion & Marketing. Start a buzz and get the word out.

We maintain an ever growing private access collection of knowledge. This includes search engine techniques, marketing tips, stock photos, etc.

Web Analytics (by Urchin)  
White Papers
Getting Your site noticed
Local Search - Geo Targeting
High Search Rankings
You will save valuable time and energy by using web analytics to fully understand the nature of your web traffic and where it comes from. Urchin includes advanced features such as path analysis to show you which way your visitors went through your site. Categorize keywords by search engine, see clickthrough reports and much more.  

Portal Inclusion  

Our clients have the option of being included on our portals. A great way to get discovered by search engine spiders.

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