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Did you know?
Many of the major North American banks will allow you to have separate accounts for US and Canadian Funds.


Credit Card Transactions

Buyer submits an order to --> Server (your site)which transmits credit card details to --> Gateway (3rd party processor) who securely transmits --> to the bank (approving institution). This process then sends in reverse the approval token/code (or decline).
Chinook Webs facilitates your use of the payment gateway of choice by making available the connection to the gateway (usually a com object). If you do not choose to use a gateway then the software will notify you by email that you should retrieve a new order (securely) from the server.


An E-terminal is simple browser based forms that allow you to manually input credit card information and sales details. Perfect for those over the phone or delayed processing sales.

Chinook Webs can assist you in obtaining a payment processing solution that is right for your business.

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