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Standard Features

Promotion & Marketing
Human Review, analysis & recommendations - search engine optimization
Extensive Search Engine Knowledgebase
Inclusion on our Portal Sites
On going Marketing Intelligence
Urchin Web Analytics (statistics)

General Features
Each ecommerce server restricted to less 50 sites.
24 Hour Server Monitoring
30 day Money back guarantee on initial signup
Full suite of Email options including Web Mail + Control Panel
Dedicated Unique IP address for each site.
Extensive Payment Processor support
Servers are purpose built using genuine Intel Hardware
Server Software by Microsoft
Multiple Domain Pointers allowed

Unlimited Email support
Up to 1 hour per month Telephone support (first 3 months)
On line trouble ticket system + knowledgebase
Free help with Domain name transfer/registration
Support for BV Commerce and Storefront 5 and 6
Dreamweaver, Ultradev & MX & Frontpage (all ver.) fully supported
Technical staff on-site (our own datacenter)

We review security bulletins several times per day.
Each Server is extensively firewalled
Server software patches are tested and installed promptly
HVAC system in place
Servers powered by UPS (battery) & emergency Generator power
Facility is secured (the bunker)

Technology Upgrade
New hardware rotated in regularly
New Software (after testing) i.e. Microsoft Windows 2003
New Bandwidth capacity added as thresholds approach
Our network is a switched cat5e connected to the Internet via a high speed fiber link.

Standard Ecommerce Plans:
   $479.40 (CDN) Prepaid 1 Year
   $119.95 (CDN) Prepaid 3 Months
   $24.95/mth (USD) Prepaid 1 Year
  $29.95/mth (USD) Prepaid 3 Months
  Includes: 200Mb of Storage and 6 GB/mth of Data Transfer

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