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FrontPage is the Microsoft™ website creation and management solution.

What is FrontPage Web Hosting?
In order to support the many features of FrontPage, Chinook Webs has implemented the FrontPage Server Extensions on our web hosting servers. The server extensions interact with FrontPage to enable the various wizards and other features.
Did you know that FrontPage 2003 works better
on a windows 2003 Server!
What can I do with FrontPage 2003®?
With FrontPage 2003, you can create exactly the web site you want without having to learn html code. Additionally, it allows you to control and manage your web site with confidence. Here are just some of the FrontPage 2003 features:
Photo Gallery Enhanced Drawing Tools
Automatic Web Content Discussion Boards
Dynamic Online Surveys Customizable Themes
Advanced support for table management
CSS Formatting
Office Clip Board
Custom Link /Navigation Bars
Web Components (counters etc) Inline Frames
Usage Analysis Reports XML Formatting
Database Interface Wizard Advanced Language Support
Where can I get support for Frontpage 2003?
At Chinook Webs, we have been using FrontPage going all the way back to the very first versions. As part of our FrontPage Web hosting services, we do fully support technical issues that arise as a result of connecting to our servers. We also offer a dedicated section of the web site to FrontPage web hosting issues and tips on using the program. There is a vast array of support for FrontPage including tutorials, newsgroups, add-ins and how-to articles and courses.

Frontpage Quick Start Centering things in FrontPage
Shared Borders & Navigation bars
(disappear when publishing)
Loading a new web - troubleshooting
Page Options  
Soft Returns & Hard Returns
Press CTRL +Shift + * and you will be able to
quickly see where the hard and soft carriage returns are.
Reveal Tags
Ctrl + / will toggle tags on and off

Learn more about ASP.NET: http://www.asp.net/learnmore
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