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Our Ice Warp Email Service includes a "copy to" feature that allows sending copies of all incoming or outgoing or both to an alternate email address. This feature is particularly handy for Blackberry users that wish to retain their traditional email boxes on their pc's but still be in touch by using their Blackberry.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Chinook Webs can provide managed hosted Exchange servers. In Calgary we offer consulting services for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Email Troubleshoot and FAQ

When you sign up with Chinook Webs you are sent an email which includes the link for your email administration and the login information. Other users can then be set up by the email adminstrator. Our customer centre (link is included with setup instructions) also includes links and step by step instructions.

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and support requests.

My email doesn't work...

There are a few things to check if your email is not working.

1. Internet connectivity
2. Misconfigured email settings
3. Expired domain name
4. Virus

This is rarely a server issue, and if it is we are already working on it.

I get an error message when I try to check my email!

The most common error for new clients is the account name used to log onto the server. For our ICE and ICE2 servers just the user name (the first part of the email address). For all other mail servers, the account name used in the email program (eg outlook) should be the entire email address. Please note the password is case sensitive!

I'm receiving email but the send isn't working.

Your account plan is generally for inbound (POP) mail coming to your domain. Using our server to send outbound (SMTP) mail unecessarily clogs up bandwidth for both us and your ISP. Even though you are sending out through your local provider, if you set the "reply to" address in your email program then recipients of your emails will see it as coming from your domain and when they hit reply the email will be sent to your domain. Additionally many carriers are now blocking non-internal SMTP servers.

How do I get my email when I'm out of town?

You can access your email from any computer with an internet connection by using webmail. In the browser type mail.yourdomainname and login with your user name and password.

I forgot my password.

On our ICEWARP servers there is a "forgot password" feature. For other servers, or if you are unable to get your password, please email our support department.

Who can help me with my email?

Email accounts are set up with an administrator account. The administrator can create new users, re-assign passwords, etc. If you are the administrator and require assistance, please email our support department.

I'm not receiving my emails.

Check that your mail box isn't full. Old mail should be deleted out periodically as the mail box storage size is limited.

How large can a received email be?


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