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Our Ice Warp Email Service includes a "copy to" feature that allows sending copies of all incoming or outgoing or both to an alternate email address. This feature is particularly handy for Blackberry users that wish to retain their traditional email boxes on their pc's but still be in touch by using their Blackberry.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Chinook Webs can provide managed hosted Exchange servers. In Calgary we offer consulting services for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Email Spam Prevention

Spam is a common and ongoing issue. The spammers are always working very hard to beat our anti-spam filters (they are updated daily).

Some quick pointers to observer when dealing with spam:

1. Never request to "take me off the list" as this confirms to them you are a live person reading the spam.

2. Avoid opening spam whenever possible and set your email client (Outlook etc) to read in plain text only. Spammers often include a graphic that comes from their websites and this triggers to them that you have opened the spam.

3. Whenever you sign up for something on the web you should always use a "throwaway alias". Our system allows you unlimited aliases. For example instead of using yourname@yourdomain.com when signing up for a newsletter, use something like newsl1@yourdomainname.com and if it starts to get spammed simply delete that alias.

Once an email address gets really loaded up with spam, often the only remedy is to change that email address.



Email addresses on your web page are the #1 source of Spam email! ... click for more info


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