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MessageLabs operates 13 datacenters on 4 continents in six countries
MessageLabs is currently scanning nearly a billion emails each day for over 12000 customers.

November 06
Spam – 74.0% in November (an increase of 1.1% since October)

Viruses – One in 137.5 emails in November contained malware (a decrease of 0.27% since October)

Phishing – One in 200 emails comprised a phishing attack (a decrease of 0.03% since October)

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The Case for Managed Anti-Spam Services
The MessageLabs service is a great Exchange Server Anti-spam solution! With Exchange Server being a core component of Small Business Server this service is a perfect fit for companies that require a managed email solution.

Chinook Webs is a Calgary based technology provider.




MessageLabs AS AV Service:
Chinook Webs is a certified partner of MessageLabs and offers this service to our clients as our highest level of anti-spam and anti-virus email service. The MessageLabs service has a spam capture rate of at least 95% and the low false positive commitment of 0.0004%. The combination of tools used to filter email ensures a highly effective, accurate and completely managed anti-spam solution. Contact us today to find out what this reasonably priced solution can do for your mission-critical communications needs.

How the service works


Email anti spam delivered to  corporate Exchange Server
MessageLabs operates at the Internet level, stopping viruses, spam and other unwanted content from entering network. Clean mail can be delivered directly to the Chinook Webs mail servers or optionally directly to a corporate email server maintained at the customer's premises (requires a static IP). A corporate mail server such as Exchange Server would benefit from this Anti-Spam solution.

Skeptic Technology
Skeptic™ is our unique predictive technology. It proactively monitors, tracks and provides industry leading protection against emerging threats before they get near your client's network. Using predictive intelligence Skeptic learns from every message it sees, updating and evolving with every new threat – constantly building on its already vast knowledge base. This diagram can be used to demonstrate how Skeptic works.

Anti-Virus Service
The MessageLabs Anti-Virus service combats known and unknown viruses before they reach your network.

Anti-Spam Service
The MessageLabs Anti-Spam service is one of the most effective solutions for combatting unsolicited bulk email and stopping it from reaching your network while ensuring legitimate messages are delivered accurately.

Image Control Service
MessageLabs Image Control scans and detects inappropriate content in inbound and outbound email. Its capabilities go beyond the flesh tone analysis of standard filters, using groundbreaking Image Composition Analysis to provide more accurate detection of pornographic and other unwanted images.



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