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Registering Domain Names

The first steps are choosing a domain name and checking it's availability. When deciding on a domain name keep in mind how long it is, how easy it is for people to type in and how it looks spelled out all in lower case. You can search all potential domain names using our Domain Name Search tool.

When you have chosen a domain name and are ready to register it, there are some points to keep in mind.

Admin Email
The admin email on the domain registration is very important and should be an email account in good standing that will continue to be active and accessible for the duration of the domain registration. When Chinook Webs registers a domain name for you, we normally use all your contact information with our registration email address as the Admin Email. In this way, we can expediate any information changes you may request.

Registrant Name
This is the individual or company which is owner of the domain name. For .CA domain registrations it can simplify things to use an individual's name and then the company name. The registrant name cannot be changed easily so be sure it is something that remains valid.

Domain Management user name and password
Upon initial registration a user name and password was assigned to the domain name. This information should be kept on file as it is required for any changes to the domain registration information. You can request the current registrar supply this information and it will be sent to the Admin Email account.

.COM (.org/.biz/.info) domain names
Domain names with these extensions can be "locked" as an added protection. Critical changes, transfers, etc. require the domain name be unlocked before they can proceed.

.CA domain names
Although .CA domain names cannot be "locked", CIRA assigns them additional user name and password codes when they are first registered. These will also be required for confirmation of .CA registration information changes. You can put in a request to CIRA to have these sent to the Admin Email account.
Did you know?

That only letters, numbers and hyphens are permitted in domain names? No special characters!

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