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Chinook Webs has been serving clients since 1992.

Chinook Webs offers domain name registration for the popular domain extensions. .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .co.uk, .ca

About Domain name pricing. We offer this service primarily to be a full service provider for our domain hosting customers. We keep our prices as competitive as possible. In addition our registration servics are done by humans as opposed to an automated service.

If you are looking for rock bottom domain name pricing, there are a large number of service providers in that industry who specilize in domain names and can offer the service at extremely low cost due to their high volumes and automation.

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This is the Chinook Webs Whois Tool. Here you can search for the availability of that perfect domain name.

Please keep in mind the availability of a domain name may be affected by several factors that do not show at the time you are searching. For example if someone registered the name just a few hours before your search, it most likely will look like it is available.

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