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Chinook Webs has been in business since 1992 and is trusted by hundreds of clients to provide reliable, secure and fast web services. Our technical staff are highly versed in Microsoft and Internet technologies.

Our custom built dedicated servers are suitable for Ecommerce and ASP needs as well as for sites requiring large disk storage space, a higher level of security and any site that requires server customization. A Dedicated server can also be quite economical for organizations that have multiple web sites.

Network cables connecting our dedicated servers
Cisco Router
MRV managed switch for dedicated hosting operation
Main Trunk Line to Internet
APC master switch, allows remote power recycle of servers
Power feed through raised floor
Intel Processor powers our dedicated servers
The Chinook Webs network is connected to theTelus Internet backbone. Following is an excerpt from a Jan 21 CNW article.

Telus rated No. 1 Canadian Internet backbone network.
Independent network analyst NetConfigs Ltd. has rated the Telus Internet backbone as the best Canadian national fibre optic Internet network in terms of connectivity.
The United Kingdom-based company monitors and tests more than 11 thousand Internet networks worldwide and posts results at www.netconfigs.com/general/ranks.htm. In 2001, Telus climbed from 72nd to 39th in the world rankings and the top Canadian-based network. NetConfigs evaluates networks based on how efficient, well maintained and well connected they are with other networks to ensure a smooth and rapid flow of data and Internet Protocol (IP) traffic.

Benefits of choosing Chinook Webs

Cost Effective
We offer Canada's best value in dedicated servers or Virtual Private Servers. Our prices are designed to be easy on your monthly budget and still provide premium services.

We provide the best possible digital protection from viruses, worms, etc. The physical protection against theft and fire in our data centre located in the Telus tower in downtown Calgary, will keep your dedicated server safe and operational.

Chinook Webs offers a complete range of dedicated server management. Our staff have extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Our ultra fast fibre network provides you with the speed and reliability you need in today's large pipe world. We use premium bandwidth with only 1 hop to the Telco backbone.

The data centre has fully redundant connectivity, emergency power systems and environmental systems.

Windows Platform or Linux
By using a Microsoft platform you will be able to tap into a rich set of tools, applications and skills. Windows Server is one of the most secure and stable platforms to build a dedicated server on. For the ultimate in speed and reliability a Linux solution (Centos).

From Access to SQL, Chinook Webs has the tools you need online. Our use of Microsoft technology means you benefit by using your existing skill set.

Our dedicated servers are custom built to our specifications and to meet your unique needs. We only use Intel processors and Intel mother boards in our dedicated servers.

Calgary is a safe, modern urban location, perfect for hosting your important applications.

client care representative taking dedicated server order

Please call 403-457-6382 for more information or to order

Learn more about ASP.NET: http://www.asp.net/learnmore

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