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Chinook Webs offers professional managed hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Canada

Calgary is a great location for dedicated servers. Extremely low risk of natural disasters and peering points are nearby.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Custom Built Servers In essence it is a complete server ( 1 system) devoted to a single client or single website. Dedicated hosting especially for larger companies can span multiple clustered servers. Some organizations will have multiple web sites and so renting a dedicated server can be quite economical. This scenario is quite different from a virtual server that is really a single system carved up to look like a non-shared service.

What are some of the benefits of having a Dedicated Server?

They are suitable for Ecommerce, ASP (Application Service Provider) needs, sites requiring large amounts of disk storage, sites requiring a higher level of security and any site that requires customization of the server.

Explain the difference between Unmanaged, Co-managed, and Managed?

Unmanaged servers are provided for your use and once we "virtually" hand over the access to the server, the client assumes responsibility for continued security and operating system maintenance and of course whatever applications they choose to load onto the server.

In the Comanaged scenario, Chinook Webs agrees to perform part of the server management. Usually these are things like patch maintenance and simple web configuration. In these cases the responsibilities are clearly defined at the time the contract is entered into.

Managed (as in fully) means that Chinook Webs will oversee all operating system configuration, patch management and other tasks as necessary for the smooth operation of the server. Usually the application management responsibilities remain with the client. In a managed scenario, the client is not given root /terminal server access.

What are some of the other support options?Servers in rack in Data Centre

Even if you have selected the unmanaged service, our support technicians are available on an hourly basis to assist you.

Tell me more about the security on the server?

Chinook Webs follows best practices during the initial server configuration and then we add our custom firewall. In addition to this a client may opt for a hardware firewall to be placed in front of the server.

What is Chinook's experience and knowledge?

Chinook Webs is trusted by hundreds of clients to provide sound, reliable, secure and fast web services. Chinook Webs has been in business since 1992. Our technical staff are highly versed in Microsoft and Linux technology and most are certified. In addition, it is our policy to be honest and truthful with customers when dealing with any technical issues.

What does a basic Dedicated Windows Server include?

Currently we are able to offer clients, Windows Standard and Windows Web Edition or a Linux (centos) solution. The base operating system included IIS which provides web hosting, FTP access, and outgoing SMTP services. The base operating system does not include mail servers, SQL, Office or other optional application software.

What kind of hardware is used for the Dedicated Servers?

Chinook Webs custom builds all our servers in order to ensure maximum durability , reliability and compatibility. We use only genuine INTEL Motherboards (not just INTEL chipsets) and genuine INTEL processors. Hard drives are selected for speed and reliability. They are usually Maxtor or Seagate. For RAM we use the highest frequency the motherboard and Processor can support. We use quality cabinetry and power supplies to ensure peace of mind. If you have a special hardware requirement, please let us know.

Are you able to provision a control panel on the Dedicated Server?

Chinook Webs has extensive experience with Ensim /Plesk/ CPanel control panels. Please note control panels are an additional cost item.

What other software can you provision with the server?

Chinook Webs has extensive experience with many application programs. Some of the more common ones we have extensive experience with are. MS SQL Server, Merak Ice Warp, Mailenable, Urchin Web Analytics, Gene6 FTP, etc.

Why should we select Chinook Webs for our dedicated hosting provider?

Although we believe there are many benefits for our clients, it is our uncompromising approach to web hosting, our zealous approach to support and fair pricing policy that makes the difference.


Quick Facts:

Interaction between the client and the dedicated server will normally be Terminal Server, however other remote control software (SSH) can be set up.
Your new dedicated server is ready for you when you need it. Rush arrangements can also be accommodated.
We offer up to two static IP addresses with the dedicated server. Additional IP addresses need to be justified and may incurr addtional cost.
Any and all content on our servers must be family safe and operate within the laws of Alberta and Canada.
Our dedicated hosting services are located in Calgary, Alberta Canada and we use only the best possible Internet connections.
Our dedicated hosting services are available to clients in Canada, the USA, Great Britain & Europe.

Learn more about ASP.NET: http://www.asp.net/learnmore
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