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Welcome to Our Calgary Data Center - Our servers are located in Canada!

Calgary Alberta Canada is one of the best locations in North America to operate a web hosting Data Center. It is extremely low risk for geological and other natural disasters. Calgary also has excellent connectivity to the Internet.

The Telus IDC (Internet Data Center) is a secure and fully reliable, World Class Facility, located in downtown Calgary.

On September 12 2005 Chinook Webs relocated our operations to the full scale hosting Data Center in the Telus Tower.

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Data Center
Data Centre vacant cage
Redundant Power
Cage door lock
Power backup
Ceiling sprinkler system
 Slab to raised floor - 10"
 Floor to ceiling - 102.5"
 Ceiling space is 25"
Electrical Power
 2 25 KV feeds from single substation
 2 Transformers feeding data centre
 Dedicated security officer for customer escort and patrol
 Security maintains customer's Telus ID, cabinet/cage keys
 Video camera records entry/egress
 1 750 KVA Diesel generator for UPS Power
 8 hours of fuel on-site for full load operation (basement)
 10-12 second start time for diesel generators to be on-line
 18 minutes of battery time (only 15 sec needed to start generator)
Fire Suppression  
 Double Action Pre-Action sprinkler system



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