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Getting customers to your store is a breeze with BV Power. Categories and products are designed to be search engine friendly.

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Categories Order Management Sales and Discounts
Unlimited Categories
Unlimited Sub-Categories
Auto-Category by Price
Auto-Category by Manufacturer
Auto-Category by Vendor
Auto-Category by Latest Products
View by Pages
View all at once
Grid View
List View
Detail View
Custom Banners
Custom Icons
New Order Alerts
View Unpaid
View Unshipped
View Problem Orders
On Hold Orders
Void Orders
Receive Payments
Issue Credits
Ship Orders
Edit Orders
Return Items
Ship by UPS and
    generate shipping labels

Product Discounts
Order Discounts
Shipping Discounts
By Amount
By Percentage
Minimum Quantity
Minimum Amount
Coupon Code
Coupon Use Limits
Store-Wide Sales
Start Date
End Date
Volume Discounts

Custom Tabs Print Packing Slips  
Hidden Categories Print Invoices  
Per Category Meta Tags Print Admin Records Taxes
Custom Descriptions Email Customer Unlimited Tax Classes
Sort by Price Record IP Address Tax by Country
Sort by Name Merchant Notes Tax by Region
  Customer Instructions Tax by Postal Code
  Order Search Tax Exempt Products
    Tax Exempt Customers
Security Personalized Accounts Customer Loyalty
Role-Based Security
Encrypted Password
Triple DES Encryption for
   Credit Card Information
Clear Old Credit Card
    Information Script
Full SSL Support
Force SSL for Admin
Address Book
Order History
Wish List
Password Reminder
Password Reset
Change Email
Mailing List Signup
File Download Links
Email to a Friend
Mailing List Signup
Remembered Carts
Auto-Populate Addresses
Address Book
Multi-Ship To Orders
Gift Certificates
Products Order Management Content Management
Product Templates
Clone Products
Dropdown List Choices
Radio Button Choices
Text Box Choices
HTML Descriptions
Per Product Meta Tags
Short/Long Descriptions
Define Custom Types
Product Ratings
Product Reviews
Non-Shipping Option
Size/Weight Fields
File Downloads
New Order Alerts
View Unpaid
View Unshipped
View Problem Orders
On Hold Orders
Void Orders
Receive Payments
Issue Credits
Ship Orders
Edit Orders
Return Items
Ship by UPS and generate
   shipping labels
Print Packing Slips
Customize Emails
Homepage Columns
Site Logo
Site Address
Meta Tags
Privacy Policy
Return Policy
Shipping Policy
Privacy Policy
Site Terms
Custom Pages
Open/Close Store
Unlimited Images Print Invoices  
Auto-Generate Images Print Admin Records Design
Activate/Deactivate Email Customer CSS
Site Cost Record IP Address Themes
List Price Merchant Notes Personalized Themes
Site Price Customer Instructions Themes by Affiliate
Minimum Quantity Order Search Custom Buttons
Show Choices as Grid   Custom Site Terms
Manufacturer Field    
Vendor Field Reports Development
Tax Exempt Monthly Sales ASP.NET 1.1
Tax Classes Daily Sales Visual Studio .NET project and
Drop Shipping Sales by Affiliate    solution files
Related Items Sales by Coupon n-Tier Architecture
Inventory Top Customers Stored Procedures
Inventory by Choice Top Customers    for Data Access
SKU by Choice Top Products Visual Basic .NET
  View Sales Tax  
Marketing Payment Shipping
Product Rotators
Category Rotators
HTML Rotators
10 Pricing Levels
New Product Badge
Related Items
Accessory Products
Customize Homepage
    from Admin Web Site
Quick Search
Wish List
Backorder Messages

Credit Cards
Check by Mail
Gift Certificates
Concord EFS Net
Off-Line Processing
Plug-Ins for Credit Card Processors
TD Canada

US Postal Service
By Item Count
By Order Amount
Per Item Charge
Handling Fees
Adjust Real Time Rates
Ship and Label packages
    via UPS Online Tools
Tracking Numbers
Affiliate Program Import and Export  
Sign Up Form
Report by Affiliate
Remember Referrals
for Additional Sales
Commissions by
Commissions by Percentage
Custom Theme
   By Affiliate
XML Web Services
XML Import
XML Export
Text File Product Import

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