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The above blue firefox button pays a referral fee when a visitor downloads firefox by clicking through the button.
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Monetizing your website

If your site is getting a reasonable amount of traffic then it may be appropriate to feature some ads. There are several options open to you ranging from affiliate networks to private banners to my favourite, Google Adsense. What adsense does is automatically deliver ads to your pages once you have embedded the code they provide. See our adsense button below.

The button above is an adsense referral button. If you click on this and then sign up with Google, once you get up to $100 in your commission account then we get credited the same amount. Not a bad deal at all.

It is totally free to join and you can use it as little or as much as you like.

  The ads you see above are an example of what you may get on your site once you have signed up. Google scans your page and then delivers ads that are approriate to your content. (you won't see the same ads as appear above) Google ads can be in different formats designed to work horizontally or vertically.


The ads on the right are vertical banners. Different formats for different pages plus you should think about hotspots. There are portions of the page that produce a better "clickthrough ratio" than others. Once you have signed up for Adsense you can peruse Google's extensive help pages and get more information on hotspots.

Visit www.calgaryselect.com to see how we have integrated Google Adsense into our portal.

You are probably wondering if it is worth it? We have clients (we cannot break confidentiality to tell you who) that earn from several hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars just from monetizing their site.

What is required to make hundreds? Basically lots of traffic, hundreds of visitors per day. One of the benefits of hosting with Chinook Webs is that we encourage your website to get traffic and we will continue helping you build more traffic through our various programs.

How easy is it? It is really easy. All the code is generated for you and you simply have to paste it into your pages.

You can even make money by including "Google Search" on your website. It can be set to either search the site or search the web plus the results page can be somewhat customized. See our example below:


Click on this button to get started with Adsense

Why are we promoting this? We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make the most out of their websites.

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